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Survival Africa is the Oldest Adventure.


We take adventurous people on a journey of discovery into wilderness areas in Africa  teaching  Survival techniques, aspects of psychological survival and bushman bush craft. Courses offered include extreme Big 5 trips through to basic one day courses. 


“To prepare for the challenges that lie ahead, we need to look at the

 past to understand  the dynamic resilience of our ancestors, thus enabling us to be better prepared for the future”.


Modern Man, as we know him today, has become isolated from Nature, his Origin, as well as his Natural Ancient Instincts


In the wild heart of Africa, one can have the luxury of “time to reflect” and to become connected again and find that “balance” on the treadmill of life.


The "survival courses" offered by Survival Africa take place in the bush, mountain or on forgotten islands to test ones metal. Courses can be tailor-made and offer human capital development and life skills training through the medium of resilience training. Courses can either be 1, 3 day or 6 days in duration.


We believe that life should be so much more than just “staying alive”. Survival in this crazy challenging new world is of greater value when life is good, balanced and fulfilling.

It is in the Wilderness that we find the opportunity to stop and ask some very deep questions like, “have we lost our basic instincts?” or “Am I still content with my life?”


Surviving crisis and the rat race is dramatically easier when one is better prepared.  Courses assist participants in preparing for life in the future and life in general.


Participants undergo an extraordinary experience and go back in time and live like a bushman. On each course people learn about themselves and discover new latent abilities. In the “Wilderness” people have the opportunity to get their priorities straight and get new motivation and direction for life.




Ferdie Rabie

Winner of SA Big Brother

Vanessa Carreira

Miss South Africa 2001

Frank Opperman

SA Actor

Quentin Chong

Double World Champ Muay Thai Fighter

Rob Louw

SA Rugby Legend

Thami Ngubeni

TV Presenter

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Watch the 'Survival Instinct' video

Real Survival in the wilderness of Africa.

Albert Ackhurst and David Rabie are survival experts

that took 16 celebrities on a bush survival challenge.




A journey of true self discovery. People often use this phrase very loosely, but spending six days and night in the African wilderness forces you to re-think who you are, and your relevance on this planet. My body and mind were pushed to well beyond the limits of my comfort zone, and often I said to myself that when I got back to my normal life I would never again take all the luxuries and creature comforts that I am privileged to have for granted; Something as simple as a mouth full of clean drinking water or a T-Shirt to protect my torso from the blazing sun.

This experience has changed the way I approach extreme challenges and  shown me the way that others around me become part of the solution in getting beyond those difficult situations. I have made a personal pledge to do at least one extreme challenge a year that will push my body and mind to the limit, to help me keep the focus on what is really important in surviving the urban and financial jungles that we live in today.

Raymond Matiba  (Ex-Chairman of Kenya Tourism Board)



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